Monday, January 30, 2006

Osama's Tape: Part II

(Oprah's book club ain't got shit on Bin Laden)

It seems Osama's mixtape has had a bit more success than another mixtape released around the same time.

Cam's attack on Jay-Z, a pre-emptive strike apparently inspired by Bush's wildly successful shock-and-awe campaign in Iraq, has sent mild ripples throughout the rap world and Jay-Z recognized it as the sad call for attention that it is.
When you talk about someone's girlfriend and they don't even respond, you know your song is garbage.

Instead Jay is focused on getting vanquished foe (when you sign your old opponent to a record deal, it's clear that you won,) Nas' career back on track now that he signed him to Def Jam.
Nas, please stop the pseudo-intellectual Islamo-Christian prophet shit / Kelis love raps of "Street's Disciple" and spit that grimy Queensbridge shit again. Thank you.

Maybe it's because I'm becoming an old man but I never had an interest in seeing this Jay/Cam "battle" take place.

After years of hate, Jay-Z won me over quite thoroughly with his post-career freestyles, remixes and "The Black Album."
Despite jacking lots of peoples verses, Jay-Z has arguably had the best career of any rapper and no one other than 14-year olds Harlem-shaking on 125th would think for a second that Cam'ron has shit to say to Jay.

Meanwhile the book Osama mentioned on his latest tape, Rogue State, 3rd Edition : A Guide to the World's Only Superpower, moved from its 209,000th position to #18 on as of my last check-in.

The dude's got the Internet going nuts

And as always Memphis Bleek is still a bitch.

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  1. perfection. the 'battle' between cam and jay would more resemble that scene in Kill Bill vol. 1 where Uma just slaughters like 200 dudes in the dojo.

    and let's hear more about Nas man, his first album is golden. i admire the thought behind his latest attempts, but it's just not as entertaining, hopefully some new beats will get things back on track.