Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy 2006!

(Vic Mackey is your father and Daddy says Happy New Year)

I've been busy watching every team I like lose. So to start this off, special fuck you's go out to the
  • University of Michigan
  • FSU and field goal kickers
  • USC and teams that go for it on 4th.
    Only my brother can do this, in Madden '06, on easy mode. And not against a team that has Vince Young waiting for the ball.
  • Georgia for faking a comeback.
  • The Dallas Cowboys, for the most consistently inconsistent season of football I've since in a while.
  • Tony Dungy's son, for killing himself at the worst time possible, and dominating the entire narrative of the playoffs.
  • The NY Giants for forcing me to look at Eli Manning's dorky ass every damn Sunday and actually having a chance to make it to the Super Bowl in the flaky NFC.
I've also kept busy with copious amounts of Nip/Tuck (the entire 3rd season in two days, a big step up from Season 2) a near hospital visit after seeing the trailer for the 5th season of the Shield, a trip out to L.A. to try to sneak into the Rose Bowl, (so fucking close) which I may post about separately.

Football is dead, to me, with my heart broken and my time wasted, I will have to find more productive things to waste my time with.

With that in mind I'm thinking about to going Vegas and trying to sneak into the CES.
All types of sexy technology and hot new interwebness are being announced, it's almost a bit too much to comment on now, but I'm gonna be dropping knowledge on what you need to start saving up your food stamps to buy.

I still have to drop some 2005 Top Ten Lists in Music, TV, Tech shit and whatever the hell else I come up with, my last 2005 Snitch of the Week and my Snitch of the Year.

If I run into Vic Mackey, things may take a little longer than expected.