Monday, November 21, 2005

Young Jeezy appeals to former crack dealers and middle-aged mothers alike

(I got that snow, man. Get it?)

My mother recently asked me to make a CD for her with "that song about the Soul Survivor."

Say it ain't so ma...

My very own mother sucked into Jay-Z's marketing scheme of signing ex-crack dealers and riding the Biggie wave.

Damn you, Young Jeezy!

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  1. I just can't wait until restaurants and food producers start selling products endorsed by Juelz Santana, what with his abilty to cook. He could be a celebrity chef and pitchman, of sorts:

    In an attempt to capture a younger demographic, Morton has introduced a new youth-oriented salt called "China White." The man with that Pyrex vision, walking cooked crack himself, Juelz Santana, has been tabbed as the corporate spokesperson, with Morton executives citing his familiarity with the kitchen, his street cred, and his familiarity with "that work" as reasons for enlisting his services. Ay ay!