Thursday, November 10, 2005

An update on ignorance

A story on Yahoo! News today rehashes the details of the "Stop Snitching" controversy for all those not keeping score at home.
Even after all this time, it remains remarkably hard to read about the unabashed ignorance that has consumed so much of the black community.

The Source was quoted as saying,

"She didn't do anything. She didn't pull no guns. She just told a little fib,"

about Lil Lim's sentencing on perjury charges in its October issue.

And in July, fellow hip-hop magazine XXL promoted "exclusive interviews with hip-hop's incarcerated soldiers" and promised to publish a yearly "jail issue."

We all know these rappers are in prison for noble causes like inciting public protests without permits, running red lights to get orphans to the hospital and encouraging democracy in China.

What is truly sad is reading what people post in the "Discuss" section. E-bigots, who are free to rant and rave under the anonymity only the Internet can provide, post their most puerile racial observations while people try to respond with logic. I really don't understand this song and dance routine that is repeated throughout the Internet on almost every message board. Why don't black people combat the real problems in their community instead of trying to win over the hearts of racists?

The black bastards picture was album art from the mid 90's that represented the killing of the black stereotypical image so that blacks could move on from there. It seems like we are too busy making excuses for our worst behavior rather than change what it is people are seeing.

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