Monday, November 14, 2005

Worst record covers ever

(It goes on...)

Pitchfork, a music site renowned for their indie-kid/better than you pretension has a feature this week about the Worst Record Covers of All Time.

I have lots of beef with Pitchfork. Most of it lies in the fact that their hip-hop coverage reeks of a prevailing "black people are cool" attitude that results in Cam'ron somehow being designated as "Best New Music."

But this feature is redemption. As a music nerd, I spend too much time digging for proper song tags, lyrics and album art. And with everyone bitching about iTunes/MP3 players killing the album format and the CD booklet/cover art combo it is a good time as any to see what abominations (dis)graced the shelves of that lost vestige called the record store.

The analysis of the covers is almost as good as the covers themselves but it's a long feature so if your eyes get tired, you can just look at the (not so) pretty pictures and laugh or shake your head. Or both.

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