Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ahh, it's that good ole white people idealism

(Me favorite slave trading pirate, argh...)

Straight from my high school of yore, which I think is currently operating with a black student population of about -7%.

In a NY Times article about the ridiculously counterintuitive grading system that allows a student with a 42% verbal/99% math score to be admitted over a student with a 92% verbal/ 97% math score, the principle, Mr. Teitel, said the school and its alumni would strongly resist using any criteria but the test for admissions. "One of the things they love about the school is that it remains a true meritocracy," he said. "You only get into Stuyvesant because you proved it on an exam."

So Stuyvesant High School, in New York City, with its 54% white and 79% Asian makeup (my numbers may be off) is a "true" meritocracy. Never mind that Upper East and West Siders begin training for the test at age 4 and that most of the kids in Brooklyn don't know about the test until the day before.

At least now I understand why so many students at Stuyvesant were brilliant in one field but incredibly retarded in oh so many others.

All praise the lopsided genius.

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  1. I think it was 54% white, 98% Asian, -20% "other."