Tuesday, November 15, 2005

You are just like me!

From a NY Times article about the increasing amount of mulitmillionaires and billionaires running for office.

"Humility also goes a long way. 'Nelson Rockefeller would say to people, 'Thanks a thousand,' instead of, 'Thanks a million,' because it made seem more down to earth,' said Mr. Smith, the executive director of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, who is writing a biography of Mr. Rockefeller, the former New York governor."

I just love it when rich ass white people try to seem down to earth.
And I love the people who fall for it even more.

On the other hand, these people are not so much like me and have no problem showing it.

White Settlement, Texas, a real town in Northern Texas have voted down a resolution to change their name to something a little less racist by a 9-1 margin.

Some residents are still confused as to why their town lost several large chain stores and has problems attracting new business.

Words of wisdom:

"At the counter in Ricky's, Konnye Wilkerson, 21, a cashier, explained: 'You shouldn't be afraid to be white. It's like showing we're not proud of our history.'"

"It's been this way for years, so why change it?" said Paris Ray, 37, an African-American entrepreneur who owns a store together with his wife, Maria Grieve, selling imported products from the Philippines.

I love it.

Texas, you get a pass on this one, not only because this is so great but because the Cowboys won on Monday night and Eva Longoria, proud Texas product, was on Conan O'Brien that same night.


  1. Don't forget about Nigtown, Texas.

    - Ramo

  2. I'm actually from North Texas, some crazy ass town changed its name to Dish, Texas on the request of Dish Network in exchange for its citizens 10 years of free Dish TV, after which they will pay. I forgot the name of the town but there were already two here so I'd say they got the good end of the deal, if you really enjoy TV, its not for me though.

  3. Not written by me, but a rebuttal to your comment about the name change:

    Just to keep things fair and balanced.

    Reply to: pers-111751333@craigslist.org
    Date: 2005-11-16, 4:25PM CST

    God forbid, there might come a day when all these whiney ass minorities will turn their attention away from blaming everything on "Whitey" (including a city's name) for their so-called "misfortune" and start taking accountability for their own plight. I've had enough of this stupid ass entitlement mentality and I'm sick of getting up every moring, going to work, busting my ass, and paying taxes so some jackass can sit around squirting babies out, sit on their ass, and collect a check from "da gubmint" at the expense of MY fucking tax dollars. Then these same assholes who are a leach to society want to fucking whine and complain because of a city's name. God forbid they took the time to actually learn the history behind it. That would require them to get off their sorry lazy asses and make an effort to educate themselves. But God forbid, that would take them away from their "crack smoking" time and "getting fucked to make more babies for checks" time.

  4. I was named White Settlement after they had a battle and killed all the indians in the region. White Settlement didn't "lose large stores" because of their name. They lost them because of the down turn in the economy and the boom in a neighboring community (Southlake).

    Nigton, was named by the white communities that wouldn't allow blacks to settle there after the slaves were freed. There are only 50 remaining people living there.

    ... that jack assed reply? Wow. Sad that people that that exist. However, it is just as sad that you (author) would portray Texas as some racist hick state based on THIS story.

  5. I never heard about Nigtown but I did hear about Dish, Texas and another place I love called Plantation, Florida.

    My point was that the name doesn't inspire new business, I'm sure there were many factors involved in the overall economy change.

    I'm not saying Texas is a racist hick state based on this, New York is racist as hell, just like plenty of America. But this refusal to change, whether it be Confederate Flag pride or White Settlement, Texas. It is interesting to see the degree to which people embrace their racist, violent pasts.

    That "reply" cannot even be taken seriously.