Friday, November 11, 2005

Coolest bank robber ever?

("And I was like nuh-uh, and he was all like uh-huh, and I was all like...hold on a sec girl, gimme all your money please.)

Either she is the most brilliant criminal mind of our generation or she is the result of our society's inability to separate the cell phone from work and play.

A seemingly Hispanic woman has been robbing Wachovia banks in the
Northern Virginia area over the past few weeks while on her cell phone the whole time. Using a small box with a note demanding money taped to the outside and a handgun on the inside, she casually shows this to the teller and walks out of the store disinterested in the whole affair.

Blah, blah, robbing banks is wrong and all that, but I cannot help but be intrigued by this woman's non-chalance and motive. Is she being pimped out by her man or is she boldly raising the bar for all future bank robbers?

We shall know soon. Just don't go out Bonnie and
Clyde style when you get caught. Start Snitching has some questions.

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