Saturday, November 12, 2005

Busted: Ludacris sampled Will Smith

(Na na na, na na na na)

People in the cred-based world of hip-hop consistently rank on Will Smith, and with good reason. His inflated sense of hip-hop self-worth combined with his multimedia invasions (Hitch and its soundtrack; Wild Wild West and that damn Stevie Wonder cover with Dru Hill) are annoying as hell and nowhere as enjoyable and relaxed as his Fresh Prince persona of the 90's.

Yahoo! Launchcast randomly put on DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince's hit Summertime. After all these years its still cheesy as hell, but it stands as an enjoyable example of what pop rap should be if done right (and not too often.)

Anyhoo, towards the end of the song, Will Smith says "Two miles an hour so everyone can see you"

And I thought were the hell did I hear that before? And then I remembered a chopped and slurred voice looping that line on that Ludacris song "Two miles an hour" from his 2004 Red Light District album.

It's a throwaway track "Dedicated to those who put more into their cars than their relationships," according to Mr. Cris. Luda was so motivated by Will Smith's two second line he turned it into another rote examination of the black car culture.

It's good to know Will Smith is single-handedly inspiring the Southern rap movement. Or something like that.

Will Smith Vs. Ludacris as the next big rap beef?
I made it a hot line, you made it a wack song...
I'm with it.

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