Friday, November 18, 2005

Phones not to rob a bank with...

I've learned a lot from Candace.
I can't help but look at new cell phones and evaluate their utility in a bank robbing situation.

This perfume spraying phone may not be the one you want to go with after you finish casing the local HSBC. The $1,200 price tag may be out of the average bank robbers range, but if you are rolling out with style and want to leave your stylish signature at the crime scene this Hyundai’s MP 280 perfumephone may be for you.

It gives off a spray everytime it's opened and is refilled by syringe.


(Ugly, meet your mama)

In a perfect example of a design team not working well together, a Korean company released the PT-S170
, a phone that swivels, slides, flips and eats small children. Rob anything with this phone in hand and you will be picked out of a line-up before you reach your spot on the wall.

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