Saturday, July 14, 2007

Snitch of the Week: 7/8 - 7/14 (Firefighters Against Giuliani)

(Stay classy New Jersey)

It was pretty funny that Miss New Jersey had to snitch on herself after someone threatened to out her (not all that) slutty Facebook pictures to the NJ pageant people.

- And it was hilarious in a very pathetic way that the jig who drove the other two jigs that shot two cops in NY at a traffic stop was busted because a greasy fingerprint on a fried chicken box. (Good looks Ohsokool.) Stereotypes are funny because they're true.

  • Career criminal Dexter Bostick was one arrest away from a mandatory life sentence and had nothing to lose when he blasted two city cops at point-blank range in a desperate bid for freedom, sources said yesterday.

    But he couldn't run away from evidence that tied him to the crime, including a greasy fingerprint on a box of fried chicken that led cops to one of his alleged accomplices.

    The man, a small-time crook from Queens, confessed and pinned the gunplay on Bostick and another man.

- But the real Snitch of the Week goes to the Firefighter's Union who blew Giuliani's shit the fuck up with their point by point video about what a joke this transvestite's 9/11 hero image is.

I'm gunning for you Rudy.


  1. The only Rudys I ever liked had to do with Bill Cosby...I didn't even care for the football movie Rudy. The whole 911 image is a joke for everyone using it. I can do the same thing, blow something up and I'll go supervise and give a speech. Look I'm a hero!

  2. Rudy didn't even supervise well. So many things went wrong on 9/11, but many have conveniently forgotten.

  3. Those are the pictures HR?
    Those are the pictures that made her have a press conference and cry over? She has more clothes on in these then she dose at the pageant!
    People are so ass backwards... Who knew it was so important to EAT seconds before you try to KILL someone...Remy-Ma just (maybe...) did the same thing

    Whatever, Rudy's a d*ck!

  4. Remy Ma and Rudy need to go away together.

    That'd be a great reality show.