Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fun with Science!

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This would be funnier it weren't so true.
With professors receiving death threats for teaching evolution while Fox and CBS refuse to show a condom commercial because it highlighted pregnancy prevention (yet they make billions from shows with non-stop sex) we are slowing competing with the Middle East for most anti-reality based region in the world.

I'm sure India and China are loving our march back to the Dark Ages. At this anti-science pace Americans will all be procuring scrap metal for our Chinese robotic masters by 2020.

Tighten up your Mandarin.


  1. They refuse to show a condom commericial, but they show Viagra commericals? WTF!

    P.S. We can't tighten up our Mandarin, because that would make us Communists.

  2. The majority (lower classes) of the Chinese dont speak Mandarin, they speak Cantonese. Thats what we'll need to learn if we're going to be working in their factories, lol.

  3. I know how to make fire...I must be an arsonist. That must also mean all those people using natural cures are witches.