Sunday, July 01, 2007

Snitch of the Week: 6/17 - 6/23 (Branded Snitch)

(Not a fan of Start Snitching)

Good looking to everyone who pointed this story out to me, although it was damn near impossible to miss.

Apparently Arizona is the gulliest place in the world because last week a woman had the word "snitch" branded to her face as retaliation for helping police in a domestic violence case.
  • "The brand singed into her flesh during a June 13 attack is 4 to 6 inches long and stretches across her left cheek from lip to earlobe, Mesa police Sgt. Chuck Trapani said Friday.

I don't know if she would helped the police out if she knew what was going to happen to her but a face branding a la Armadillo earns you Snitch of the Week.


  1. Armadillo reference noted and counted. We're still waiting for a prediction from you regarding the fate of Vic Mackey at the end of season seven. We say he does NOT pay for his "sins" by going to jail or dying. Reason being, The Shield has, from the start, referred to real cases (the creator being an ex-"Nash Bridges" screenwriter looking to make a show out of the juicier tidbits he picked up from actual Bay Area detectives while researching for "Bridges," which obviously were too hardcore for Friday night television viewers.) While we have heard tales of Sean Ryan killing Mackey off in order to retain creative control over the series (you can't bring the crew back for a "special event" miniseries if the main character is deceased), we think it would be more realistic -- hence, more Shield-like -- to have Mackey remain alive and at-large, with a brutally heavy conscience weighing on his soul as he attempted to continue living post-Barn.
    As you have consistently been one of the most thoughtful and outspoken Shield fans we know of, a dollop of hypothetical shouldn't be too much to ask. (Or do you not do the hypothetical thing?)

  2. I am still in denial that this is the last season of the Shield.

    I will delay any grand predictions until the night of the premiere of season 7 although the logic behind your predictions are pretty good.

    Claudette will lose her mind trying to figure out how Vic beat the parole hearing but it the end I think Vic lives.

    Just dont quote me on that yet.

  3. Here's my dream finale for Season 7 of the Shield. It's gotta pack a punch.

    (1) Shane's entanglements with the Armenians escalate to the point where he is doomed. They take him out. But that's not enough, because most viewers hate Shane already anyway and wouldn't be shocked by his death. So, the Armenians also have his entire family murdered. When Shane dies, someone gets ahold of his list of all the Strike Teams sins.

    (2) Vic and Aceveda reveal the blackmail plot to everyone and take down Pesuela.

    (3) Meanwhile, Shane's list services. Vic is arrested. He spends some time in jail avoiding murder at the hands of the people he has put away.

    (4) The final episode is Vic's trial. At the end he gets acquitted. He walks smuggly out of the courtroom sprayed by gun fire from a passing gangbanger's car (someone he manipulated in the past). The show ends with Vic dying in the gutter.

    Other ends tied up. Ronnie is the only one who gets off. Aceveda is revealed to also be corrupt and loses his council position.