Sunday, July 22, 2007

Snitch of the Week: 7/15 - 7/21 (FEMA Trailers)

I was going to choose The Nation as the Snitch of the Week for their incredible story on the Vietnam levels of civilian cruelty that US soldiers are engaging in in Iraq, but as long as Bush keeps blowing up steam pipes in NYC to keep everyone jittery (peep the story of the made-up terrorist), while he destroys the U.S. military, I will always have fuel for another post.
Just look at the stories that are coming out of there,
Instead I am going with this story about FEMA hiding the fact that their trailers were leaking formaldehyde. No wonder they were giving those shits away so easily.

"You want Federal money to rebuild your house? How about you just take this trailer and leave the windows closed. Thanks!"

From the article,

  • One man in Slidell, La., was found dead in his trailer on June 27, 2006, after complaining about the formaldehyde fumes. In a conference call about the death, 28 officials from six agencies recommended that the circumstances be investigated and trailer air quality be subjected to independent testing. But FEMA lawyers rejected the suggestions, with one, Adrian Sevier, cautioning that further investigation not approved by lawyers "could seriously undermine the Agency's position" in litigation.

FEMA's almost as toxic to black people as number one coon on my list, Sharpe James who I wrote about before.

  • Mr. James maintains that he is innocent of all the federal charges and will have his day in court. But some of the explanations he has offered up border on the preposterous. Take, for example, his trip to a beachfront resort in the Dominican Republic, for which federal prosecutors say he billed the city $1,440. Mr. James claims he wanted to see if the tropical gardens could be replicated at the train station in Newark...

    ...While presiding over a city where a third of the population lives in poverty, “He wasn’t even willing to pay $10 out of his own pocket to buy a movie ticket — he made the taxpayers do it.”

For exposing more FEMA retardation and inadequacy, the FEMA employees who spoke out are the Snitch(es) of the Week.


  1. China had a good idea, what with the executing of incompetent officials.

  2. Something hapened to some of us while we were growing up that made us belive that the only way to take care of ourselves and our family was to 1.sell drugs 2.rap or 3.join the army. I feel so bad for that boy and his family but I also still can't believe that kids are still enrolling since Bush has taken office.


  3. I was talking to a friend in Baton Rouge, LA about this over the weekend. I couldn't believe this shit.

    Why isnt this plastered all over the news. I guess we don't want to expose any more Bush fuck ups.

  4. It isn't plastered over the news because everyone is fixated on Michael Vick and his fighting dogs. As much as I love animals and despise people who use them in bloodsports, this is a matter the local authorities are very well capable of handling. What makes this even worse, is that people all over the world see this. This is where American priorities are.

    I also hear that parts of the U.K. are experiencing heavy flooding due to nonstop rains. People are without power, food, and electricity. I'm praying for those people, and hoping their government learned something from the Katrina fiasco here in the U.S.

  5. Word, we need to start executing crooked official Chinese style. And to make the news we should have Michael Vick's dog do the killing.

  6. CBS ran a story about the FEMA trailers a few months ago.