Friday, July 20, 2007

Fuck the Emmys, Yet Again

(Here we go again)

All awards shows suck, I know. It's all about behind the scenes favoritism and bandwagon following. But I still get pissed every year when they announce the same 5 fucking Emmy nominees over and over. The only good thing about the Emmys is the fact that Conan O'Brien is a great host.

Dear Emmy voters,

  • Stop blowing "House."
  • Stop blowing "Monk."
  • Stop blowing "24."
  • "Boston Legal" is garbage. Grey's Anatomy is garbage.
  • No one from "Heroes" deserves an Emmy nomination for acting. The acting is the worse part of that show.
  • The little kids from The Wire can outact about 99% of the nominees.

Time Magazine is riding with me on this one.
Here is the list of who was nominated and who should have won off the top of my head.

Best Series, Drama

'Boston Legal'
'Grey's Anatomy'
'The Sopranos'

The best 5 dramas are really:

"The Wire"
"The Shield"
"Friday Night Lights"
"The Sopranos"
Maybe "House"

The best 5 comedies are really:

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"
"30 Rock"
"The Office"

The real best five actors are:

Vic Mackey "The Shield"
Tony Soprano "The Sopranos"
Dexter "Dexter"
Coach Taylor "Friday Night Lights"
Hugh Laurie "House"
Any of the four children from "The Wire"

I could go on but who really cares?
It's sad that "The Wire" doesn't get any attention whatsoever but it's true to the show's theme. Why take the time to watch and recognize a non-sexy, careful and intelligent examination of black inner city anomie when you could just watch a bunch of rich slutty doctors whine about life to slow acoustic music.


  1. I think you are dead on with this post, the Emmy's acts like there are only 5 shows on television. Man, you mentioned "Extras" and "Its always Sunny in Philadelphia" - respect for that..

  2. I only have a couple of objections to your nominees.

    Im sorry but "Heroes" blows "Friday Night Lights" out of the water.

    "Hi My Name is Earl" should have been nominated for Best Comedy. It is insanely more funny than "Two and Half Men" and funnier than "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

    How did "The Shield" get a goose egg?

  3. Ricky Gervais is a comic genius. At least he got an actor nom, but to not nominate the show is ridiculous.

    FNL deleted scenes > Heroes best episode

    Sometimes Earl is funny, sometimes not, but its better than 2.5 men.

    Someone is Hollywood has a personal vendetta against the Shield. That's the only explanation.

  4. Other than HBO there seems to be a focus on the Big 4 of regular TV leaving the basic cable shows out in the lurch.

  5. The Wire is an awesome series, I just wish they would be a bit more regular in the schedule.

  6. I think you're wrong about Boston Legal but right about everything else.

    The Wire should be a perennial winner,not struggling to get nominated.

    How did Family Guy not get nominated?

    I'm not a big fan of Scrubs but the guy who plays Dr.Cox is a great actor and should get a nod

    Anyone from Greys Anatomy getting nominated is a joke

    House sucks

    It looks like these nominations are being bought

  7. although heroes is my show! i will agree with you on that one. the acting on the show. it's not THAT great.

    & the people they pick on the their acting is top notch. & i dont know where the find these mofos. they're just regualr working actors & no stars. i love it!