Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What The Fuck Is Wrong With (White) People?

(The Jesus Horse is no more.)

I love my white folks and I call out everyone equally on this blog, but I'm going to go out on a racist limb here and assume that the vast majority of people who gave a crap about Barbaro, the racehorse that was injured and eventually died and posted about it on the NY Times are white. Let me know if I'm wrong.

I followed this story briefly when it broke months ago, but then I realized I was reading about a horse so I stopped.
Now that the horse is finally dead, white people have lost their damn minds on the NY Times.

I kept reading this shit hoping it was a joke.
Peep this nonsense from the NY Times blog posting,

  • 1.

    I cried when I heard the news.It is so sad,Barbaro fought so hard to live and run as he did in the Kentcuky derby.The whole country adopted this horse.

    — Posted by mary weiner

  • 2.

    What a fighter he was. We can learn from the animals.

    — Posted by Jenney

  • 3.

    Many millions share the grief of the owners and the doctors who worked to save such a beautiful creature. He will be remembered.

    — Posted by Buck Rutledge

  • 4.

    Barbaro had become a national celebrity, with many of us rooting for him; he was such a spirited soul. Sad he had to be put down, but at least with horses there can be some euthanasia.

    The amount of money spent to save him, however, versus how much we put towards someone not independently wealthy, shows where our priorities have gone. I would guess a number of preschool centers could have been funded for the price. His “price” and treatment raises lots of ethical issues, not the least of which is sports betting,or even gambling, and those industries which exploit people and animals. Still, he had a good spirit, and I feel badly for the vets, trainers, jockeys and owners who I am sure were very attached.

    — Posted by Sally White

  • 5.

    Barbaro’s death deeply saddened me and my thoughts and prayers go out to his owners, the surgeon and medical staff who cared for him. Barbaro was a true champion in every sense of the word. He blessed us with his beauty and dignity and grace His spirit and will to live were truly inspirational.I held out hope that there would be a miracle and he would survive, despite the overwhelming odds against him. Animals teach us so much about life, love, compassion, kindness and responsibility. We are all interconnected in the web of life. May Barbaro rest in peace and may he continue to inspire us all.

    — Posted by Phyllis J. Silva

And those are the restrained comments...


Can anyone explain this nonsense to me?
Why are people crying their brains out over an unprocessed bottle of glue?

What about Darfur?
Sean Bell?
Nixmary Brown?
Cheryl Green, the 14 yr-old black girl that was murdered for stepping into a Mexican neighborhood?
The close to a 100 U.S. troops that have died in January '07 alone not to mention the countless Iraqis civilians?

Have people run out of issues to stress out over?
Am I an evil puppy kicking bastard?
Or have I completely missed the boat here?


  1. True story:

    I recently visited a gated community on Antigua. A white European couple was waking their dog who in hysterics made efforts to attack a black dude. He defended himself by throwing a small stone at the dog, which scared it. The dog owners responded by throwing stones at him.

    I hope this answers your question as to what happen to,
    What about Darfur?
    Sean Bell?
    Nixmary Brown?

  2. Not Surprising At All,What Can You Expect From A People Who Have Given You Movies Such As "Lassie","RinTinTin" & "Old Yella"...They Constantly Say Dogs Are Mans Best Friend,Maybe If You Live In Europe And Are A Shepherd,
    Or Like To Sit In Marshes Waiting To Shoot Ducks..
    Close To 40 Million Languishing In Poverty And They Are Sending Out Prayers To Fucking Animal Doctors!

  3. You have missed the boat, my friend. Barbaro was a champion and a hero. When I heard of his demise, I tiny piece of me died.

  4. 410.January 30th,
    2:34 pm Do horses go to heaven?

    — Posted by bob lynch
    First of that guys sounds old as hell. Bob Lynch? Even still, what a gay ass question.

    Did they turn the comments section off on that NYT post?

  5. That sounds like the Larry David racist dog from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    White people clearly love their animals way too damn much.

    It seems they turned off the comments.
    "Do horses go to heaven" was too ignorant for even them.

    - To the person who said Barbaro was a hero, are you being sarcastic?
    If not, do you care to explain yourself?
    He's a horse. His natural instinct is to run. Why is he a hero?
    Are bees who get hurt making honey heroes?

  6. Maybe whites would care more about blacks if blacks committed fewer crimes? Just a suggestion.

  7. ^^^^

    It's funny how when it comes to people who aren't white, the credo of "colorblindness" and treating everyone as an individual goes right out the fucking window.

  8. Of course I'm being sarcastic. White people idolized Barbaro for the same reason they named their big buck slaves "Zeus" and cried when Aunt Mammy actually left when Juneteenth came along. He brought them money and entertainment. Now that he is gone, they will have less money and be less entertained. It isn't about a love of the goddamned animal, however much they have convinced themselves that it is. Don't buy into the bullshit.

  9. Your statement could be applied to any race and culture on this Earth, Henry, which in no way makes it less foolish or ignorant. People like you are more of a joke than all of the fucking Barbaro coverage combined.

  10. henry and euahellzgnaw don't even get a response.

    Moving on...

    A lot of the white people losing their minds aren't even into horse racing like that. They really just started treating this horse like it was some kind of magical unicorn because of a reason I can't relate to.

    Like the horse was brave and smart bc it won races and survived surgery.
    The shit makes no sense.

    I know some gully ass cockroaches that survived some RAID to the face and kept it moving.
    Do they get props too?

  11. Barbaro is their Obama in horse form. The pets come; they go. People jump on the bandwagon. Reason is not really required. Just know that in the minds of white America, Superman is falling off of Barbaro in heaven.

  12. Human Resources,

    I wasn't cosigning henry's comment; I meant to say that people who aren't white don't have the luxury of being treated like individuals--they have to bear the sins of every other person who looks like them--and that those who think like henry are hypocrites to the highest degree.

    I was just asuming that henry was a regular here who was being sarcastic.

  13. I don't know who Henry is.
    This blog shit is weird like that.

    But your point makes sense read separately from Henrys.

  14. It's funny how when a horse doesn't win and is nixed no one cares. What happens to those horses who aren't put out to stud?