Sunday, January 21, 2007

For The Love Of All That Is Holy... No Brady In The Superbowl

(I suck! Yeaaa!!!)

I don't care if he went to my college or if he won 18 Superbowls in a row.
I hate this guy and Peyton's commercials are infinitely better than his.

Maybe his best bud Bush can wipe away the tears.

Also, Tony Dungy needs to stop with these pictures. (Big ups to Sam on the pic.) Sadly he's playing another black coach, which mean you can expect another one of these pics at the Superbowl.

Also, coaches need to stop thanking God for their victories.
God doesn't care about football. At all. Especially the team you play on.

I really like football, a lot, but God doesn't give a shit who wins. At any sporting event. Ever.
This trend must end.

If God cared about sports, I would rather he pick a winner in the genocide match going on over there in Darfur.
But that's just me.


  1. I am a very happy...people from Boston used to be cool, but once their teams started winning they're like the guy peoples parents love, but you and your friends know he's an asshole.

  2. All I need now is for Rex Grossman to not get a ring.

    That would make me cry.
    He has the worst name ever.

  3. peep Tony and Herm's matching outfits. Do you think these fags called each other in the morning?

    I do.