Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Old Fashioned Racism, Gotta Love It...

(Play baseball you terrorists!)

Political refugees from the most war-torn countries in the world were granted asylum in Clarkston, Georgia were they are insulted throughout the town and during soccer games, which the town wants to ban.

That's that good old southern hospitality.
I guess that beats dodging rocket propelled grenades in the Congo.

- The black mayor of white town Greenwood, Louisiana gets his house shot up by what we can all assume was white people.
He doesn't think he's going to run again for mayor again.

Smart dude.

- It's not like we all didn't know America is racist, but reminders like this show me what Obama could be up against in 2008 if he runs.

I wasn't deluding myself into thinking American was Rainbowland and he was going to win the presidency in a blow out, but I think he has the potential to shake shit up for any Democrats who enter the '08 race and try to halfass their opinions to appeal to Christians and Nascar fans.

Democrats will have to be on their toes if he can drum up real support in the next year or so and he can do that.
Besides, no one wants to watch Clinton, Kerry and Edwards outbore each other.

I still have to check out his book, but from what I've seen the dude is pretty straightforward. He cleaned out his immediate closet by admitting to drug use. He has a nice looking family and despite the fact that his first name sounds like Iraq, his middle name is the same as Iraq's ex-Presidents' name and his last name rhymes with Osama, he is a Christian and has a normal looking black wife with two normal looking little girls. No interracial family pics to scare away any white parents off the bat and his family can rock the hell out of some Jesus pieces if people need reassurance that he is cool with Captain Christ.

And who cares about his experience? Bush had little experience and he surrounded himself with a cabinet of supposedly knowledgeable and storied politicians and we see how that is working out...
Experience doesn't mean shit if you are ingrained in your ancient inflexible ways of governing.

Despite all this, the realest shit to me is the fact that he has to overcome black racism more than anything else.
Peep the LA Times article on the hating ass Negroes he is encountering.

Black people are really mad that he is a real African-American with a parent from Africa and not of Jim Crow roots.
His campaign is already striking up a lot of real conversations about what the fuck a black person is.

I'm American born but my family came from the West Indies and I have a scary sounding Muslim name. Not as scary as Obama's though.
Am I considered black? None of my family ever picked cotton in America, maybe somewhere else.

Obama was raised by his white mother in areas that ain't exactly considered "the trap."
Do you have to be from the hood to be black?
Seen all three "Friday" movies?
Should we check his music collection next?
Or find out how many white broads he's twisted out?

Most (black) people don't even know their ancestry past their grandparents.
Besides, in America you only need one drop of colored blood to be considered Negro. I didn't set shit up that way but that's life.

As far as I'm concerned, if you look black in America you instantly absorb the entire African diaspora, whether you like it or not.
Ask my boy Amadou Diallo...


  1. American black 'leaders' were backing Sharpton and Jackson during their bids on the WH that didn't have a snowballs chance... But they can't support Obama who has serious chance. Black crab syndrome is a serious thing.

  2. I'm just waiting for a "snitch of the week" post about Walid from "24." Shit ain't gonna end well for that dude.

  3. Not favoring Obama isn't a "crab in a barrel" sort of thing. The last thing America needs is 12 years of leadership by people still in their political infancies.

    Furthermore, it is fine and dandy to say that he suffers the same racism as everybody else Black in America, but, frankly, that isn't true. White people love to single out Blacks who, in their minds, aren't "REALLY" Black. The main reason so many white people love Obama is that he isn't a "traditional" Black American. None of his ancestors were Black American slaves. He wasn't raised by Black people. He doesn't have a "Black" accent or stories about life in the "ghetto". He makes white people feel comfortable, so he gets ostensible support. He has that phenotype, so they can pat themselves on the back for welcoming a negroid with open arms. Mid-hug, they whisper over his shoulder to their "less englightened" friends, explaining that all is well because he isn't "REALLY Black". Then their friends jump on the Obama ass-kissing band wagon so to appear "progressive", "liberal" or at least less fascist.

    Unfortunately, he is still Black enough for most of them not to vote for him. Man...when people start talking about Obama's so-called chances, I wonder what planet they live on. Is the grass green there, too? Obama has no better chance of winning than did Jackson or Sharpton. It will be a cold day in a New Orleans whorehouse...

  4. About five years ago that McCain/Powell ticket looked unbeatable. Now, anonymous, you're trying to say that Obama doesn't have a snowball's chance? Obama is a perfect alternate candidate to Hillary because he's not from the northeast and he's down with JC. Did you see John McCain last night, btw? The guy looked about as alive as Abraham Lincoln. John Kerry looked about a shade worse. Remember, Jesse Jackson carried Minnesota and came very close in a couple of other midwestern states in the primaries in '88. Nearly 20 years have passed since then. With no incumbent -- and a terrible presidency to boot -- I see no reason why Obama doesn't have at least a legitimate shot at both the nomination and the big show.

  5. Hil is down with JC, too. In fact, I met her at my church as a kid. So, Obama's christianity is not at all a distinguishing factor in all of this.

    Anyway, as for the '88 primaries...

    Back then, Jackson was The Goldenchild: America's lifeline to the late Dr. King. That's how he "came close" during the primaries--the idealization of a man who had a long history in American politics. Obama has no similar draw other than generic charisma.

    Moreover, VP is a long way from president. If Obama was paired with a white presidential candidate as a vice presidential candidate, he would be in like Flynn. However, if he makes it past primaries as the democratic presidential candidate, he won't win a single state in the general election. Not even Illinois. It is too chock-full of segregationist Chicagoans and country midwesterners who have never sat down to dinner with a Black person.

    If you don't see why Obama doesn't have a shot at the big show, you are just not being real with yourself. 20 years may have past, but we are still not THERE yet.

  6. Dude I'm with you on the name thing...try having two arabic and a jewish last name. I once got investigated before I could go on a tour of the FBI.

    I am slightly concerned with why "America" is pushing Barack so hard. I think anyone who get's to a certain point in politics is tainted to some degree. What I don't buy is the "not enough experience angle". There is no job to prepare you to be president. Bush had plenty of experience and he's doing a crappy job (as a public servant and the instrument of the will of the American people) Frankly someone fresh is usually a good thing in politics. Especially a president seeing as how one of the first things you do is pick a bunch of experts in every field you need to cover. Not to mention the ones that already have thier positions at the heads of agencies.

  7. My man,

    I was having a discussion about Ward Connerly with one of my friends this morning, and he told me to check out your site. I just went through all of your archives and such. I'm loving the site. Keep up the good work...

  8. My radical friend thinks Obama is just another token Negro white America is pushing, but who has no legitimate chance to win. I honestly don't even know at this point. He runs, we'll see. He is still better than Newt Gingrich and I heard he is gonna run.

  9. Sounds like some white southerners haven't let go of that "In The Heat of the Night" mentality.

    Y'all come back now, ya heyah!

  10. Sadly I know nothing of "24"
    I missed that train. I may get on later.

    - Black crab syndrome is real. In America black is black. Slave parents or not, black is black.

    What raafi said was accurate. Hilary may be religious but she seems fake with it, like she is with many other things.

    America and in kind, the world, is still a racist ass place but I think he would get more votes than people realized. Especially against McCain who is like a dead George Bush.

    Amadeo hit it on the head. No one is ever ready to be president. The job will kick your ass no matter what.

    People who are skeptical of him need to read his book, or at least his wikipedia page.

    He's as real as they come in the land of politriX.

    Welcome to the site Nate.