Monday, January 08, 2007

Fuck A NFL

(Only one of them was smiling on Sunday)

Sadly I knew all the home teams would win this week, but the Cowboys had the best chance for the upset.

I'd be lying if I said I knew we'd have lost like that.

That shit hurt like all hell and I was on my couch in New York, so I can imagine how Romo feels.
The only thing that could wash the pain away would be a threesome with his two vanilla princesses, Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson.

I'm riding with the Colts now. It's about time Peyton got into a damn Super Bowl.

Regardless, it's time to start blogging again. I can't take much more NFL heartbreak.


  1. As an EAGLES fan. Hah.

  2. Cot damn you Start!

    You don't like 'Heroes', but I do.

    You love 'The Wire', and I don't.

    At least your'e a Cowboy fan.

    I HATE DJ Longneck(Peyton) but Yony Dungy did sacrifice his son to the football gods in order to win a Super Bowl so I can respect that determinism.

    Get up on the NBA (no BB). Gilbert Arenas is killing shit and he owns a hyperbaric chamber.

  3. I will be on the other side of the fence...(insert picture of Mayflower trucks leaving Baltimore here).

  4. I was actually cheering for the Eagles because I hate the Giants more.
    Plus y'all are earning your shit on the field.

    It's over next week though.

    - You hate Oprah so it's all gravy. After the SuperBowl is NBA time.

    - It's over B-More. All y'all have is the last season of the Wire.

  5. Apple announced your predicted phone today. How are you celebrating?

  6. I'm scrounging pennies from under my couch.

    That is pure fire.