Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Barack Obama: Watch This Negro in '08

(Hillary is not feeling this.)

I don't think its hyperbole to say that this Obama cat is more relevant that all the black leaders alive today. With many tiring of the old, white and male aesthetic that dominates our political landscape and the image of them shooting each other in the face on hunting trips and planning out secret wars in steam rooms, he has a chance in 2008 to become a leader to a lot more.

I read an article about the old Negroes (Jesse Jackson and Sharpton) not showing Obama the love he needs as he takes it national.
That is some bitter ass Clay Davis shit. (Who watches that Verizon Commercial with Clay Davis and waits for him to say? Dad got shiiiiiiiiit!)

It's pretty pathetic that the old washed-up Negro leaders of past decades would turn their backs on the best chance black people have for real representation in today's political climate because they couldn't even get close to elected. Jackson and Sharpton may go out on some bitch shit and support Hilary to undercut Obama.

It's sad because they have no fuel against him.
Shit, he even married a black woman. They can't even play the sell-out card on him.

But that won't stop the jealousy. From the article,

  • “They are basically jealous,” said a Democratic strategist who has not yet decided which candidate he intends to support. “They’ve been toiling in the trenches for decades, and along comes this son of a Kenyan farmer and suddenly he’s measuring the drapes in the Oval Office.”

Sharpton and Jackson had their chances and what are they remembered for?

People remember Jesse Jackson for using his organization to pay for his mistress' baby and calling New York "Hymietown" while Al Sharpton is remembered for creating the original Duke Lacrosse rape case as well as a lot of other shady shit.

They have no mass appeal or charisma and white people hate them.

There is a lot we still don't know about Obama, like what he thinks of the L.A. race wars making "Crash" look like Mister Rogers, but anyone with the smallest understanding of the political scene realizes that you need to appeal to the coloreds and the white folks.

And white people love them some Obama. Peep Slate's nonsensical piece about how smoking makes Obama's voice sounds cool.


If Obama doesn't Kobe Bryant any white girls between now and November 2008, things should get interesting.


  1. Unkle Al still wearing Towanna Brawley..that was his signature...
    Here's to no Kobe!

  2. Don't get too excited. All of this glowing praise will make his probable collapse all the more tragic. Colin Powell received similar praise when he was considering a presidential run, and, as with Powell's, Obama's media praise strikes me as white folks patting themselves on the back for openly endorsing a black man who is "so well spoken" (for a black man).

    Powell knew he wasn't gonna win—his own party wouldn't even have nominated him as the Rep. candidate--and his loss would have exposed the lying racists in his party. Dems would certainly vote for Obama if he were to win the nomination, but I don’t know that he’ll win it. Remember the Dems’ cowardice and pathetic desire to appeal to the center and the right since 2000? Not only were they too gutless to oppose Bush in Iraq, they made a big deal out of Wesley Clark’s campaign and Kerry’s war service—see how that worked out? I think they’ll be too scared that Obama can’t win over “middle America” in 2008. Hell, they may be right. The man's name is Barack Hussein Obama. You don't think the American/Confederate flag waving hicks are gonna come out in full force to vote against him?

    The Republicans will find a way to trash Obama once the media halo over his light bulb dome dims a bit. Since he's pretty quick on his feet, they're probably not gonna catch him making a dumb comment like Kerry or Allen, and they probably won’t be able to question his patriotism, but I'm sure they've already found some personal dirt: maybe some white girl (or guy, who knows?) Obama used to fold back in the day. But even if they don’t, he's already admitted to doing coke as a young man. While they’ve looked the other way with respect to Bush’s cokehead days, they'll never let Obama live that down, especially given that he's black—he’s gonna be all kinds of “Marion Barry”s and such.

  3. Still not sure where I stand with Obama. He has the Wayne Brady effect and I'm not sure how to feel about that.I also don't want to not like him just cause white people love him.

  4. I am so glad that you posted this. I cannot stand how Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton make a mockery of black issues. They are the ultimate sell-outs. The problem is that the media continues to use these two sell- outs as the voice of black America, when most educated black people dislike both of them.

  5. i do not believe that americans outside of la and nyc are ready to elect a female nor a black pres.

    i also do not believe that black americans want to see the first black pres be a halfrican raised by asians. even i think that would speak incredibly shamefully on the african american community. i once had a convo about this latter pt w/one of my friends, who is from trinidad, and he said that this was irrational and anti-nationalist of someone who typically has black nationalist leanings, and while i can sort of see that, the first black presidency is something that i think is owed to the descendents of black AMERICAN slaves.

    on top of all that, i think that neither obama nor clinton have adequate political experience to be viable candidates for president. they just haven't paid their dues, unless you are one of those conspiracy theorists who believe that hil was running the white house while bill was getting his fat girl on. republicans are going to exploit that to death and combined with the whole 2nd class citizen thing both candidates have going on, i just don't know what the dems are thinking.

    i think obama could have a chance in 10 yrs but right now he is just too green. he is a freshman senator. i can only view dems taking interest in him now as an investment in the future: let him fail now to get his name out, etc. for when he IS ready. but now seems like such a piss poor time to try that shit. they should have attached him as VP on the ticket of a LIKEABLE white dem gov of some state: pref. southern. KILL TWO BIRDS! this seems so obvious to me it is frustrating.

  6. Ignore the white love and the Wayne Brady effect (he seems realer than Brady.)

    The dude is a charismatic politician.

    Give him a chance to shine.