Monday, January 29, 2007

Serena Williams Will Eat Your Children

(The arms should tell you who won.)

A damn week passed since everyone chimed in on the last Obama post. I meant to post more about that and other shit but life had different ideas.

I will come back on that later in the week but in the meantime I couldn't ignore these two pictures I found on the NY Times after Serena smashed Sharapova in the Australian Open.
Looking at those pics, Sharpova never had a chance.

I've never seen a woman's arms that made me want to go to the gym immediately.
Damn Serena.

Forget playing tennis, could you imagine trying to sleep with this woman?


  1. She could put the smack down on Tina Turner in her prime. We saw how Tina rocked Ike's jaw.

  2. "Could you imagine trying to sleep with this woman"

    Yes yes I could.

  3. NO! wouldnt really like to imagine that...thanks though.

  4. Yes, I could imagine it and would hope to do so, some day.

  5. "What's an uppercut to the gut?"

    -David Allen Grier playing Ike Turner on In Living Color

  6. You think she is all natural?

  7. She seems fully natural.
    No roids, no surgery.

    Her parents bred her and Venus to be the powerhouses they are.

    Tina Turner wouldn't have a chance.

  8. I seriously wonder about the sexuality of men who find this wildebeest attractive.

    That's alright; I'm still rooting for you, girl!

  9. Well compared to Venus she's pretty damn attractive.

    And besides her ass is quite serious. I think that's what most men want to step to over anything else.

  10. There are big-bootied men. The Williams sisters literally look like big-bootied men in bad weaves. Ving Rhames in drag, a la BET Classic, Holiday Heart. Get at that if you want to.

  11. Indians spammers, get the fuck out of here.