Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Shield Mini-Episode

(Firefighter and cop)

Having trouble waiting until the April 3rd premiere of Season 6 of The Shield?
Upset that FX delayed your Mackey fix with Courtney Cox's bland drama "Dirt?"
Do you need the emotional closure that only Lem's funeral can provide?

According to TV Squad, there is a mini-episode coming sometime in late February, early March that will fulfill all these needs.

By the way, The Wire gets all the credit for the real social issues it tackles but can the Shield get some love for predicting the blatant racially motivated murders of Black people by Mexican gang members in L.A.?

I think it was Season 5, where a Mexican kid shot a black person in the street due to a prison beef.

Shit is so real in L.A. that there are actual strike teams rolling around called Gang Impact Teams trying to clamp down on this gang shit.

I need April 3rd to happen quickly.


  1. Gang units have always been around. What the city of LA counts on is “intervention” from Communities in Schools (which don’t do shit) but most importantly the gang injunctions.

    For those who don’t know…

    The LAPD along with the City Attorneys office register people with prior gang activity as well as people who just look the part, they all get categorized as gangsters and get put on a list. If these people are seen out on the street after dark, congregating on the street, using pagers or cells phones, or even on a bicycle they get put away no questions asked.

    Fun stuff.

  2. It's raw, the acting is actually pretty incredible and they constantly destroy their status quo.

    If you watched the show correctly,you can catch all episode Download the shield tv show