Thursday, March 09, 2006

Welcome to NY mo' fo'

If you ride the train in New York you run into your fair share of wackjobs, religious or otherwise.

There is Matisyahu's father on the 2 train, who passes out Jewish/Old Testament/Jesus related literature. He's a blast.
There are the seemingly secular mini nigros that try to sell you chocolate while using incorrect English. Although I think they're part of a cult. But that's another story.

And you have the staple of old black women who throw Bibles at your head and shout at you.

The most recent addition to the MTA peanut gallery was a middle aged black man who informed us all that Jesus sent him from Baltimore to let us know that the day of reckoning was coming, or something like that.

It usually works best to ignore these people, but this guy made his way down the train car personally asking people if they were for Jesus.

So a random passenger who just stepped on the train was instantly questioned about his readiness for Jesus.

Apparently he had already reached his daily quota of Jesus questions because he quickly replied, "Are you ready for Jesus?! Good, then that's all you need to worry about!"

Jesus man says, "Well if that's not a NY response..."

Angry atheist says, "I'm all ready. Amen, Hallelujah, Thank you Jesus!" to which Jesus man sulks off to the next car, perhaps wondering what train goes back to Baltimore.

One of my better train/proselytizing moments.

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  1. I cant handle all of that just yet, dont think im up to that level of public trans. Im still working of the LA scene. :P