Saturday, March 25, 2006

Conscience is a killer...

The tagline for Season 5 of The Shield turned out to be quite literal.

After 65 episodes and 5 seasons of The Shield, I think it is more than safe to say that The Shield is the greatest television show ever.

Why am I thinking about the actions of a fictional character along with all my real ass life problems?
The last time a TV show hit me in the heart like the season finale of The Shield was when Nate dove into the ocean (50 cool points for you if you know what I am talking about.)

Shows like The Shield really make you examine the power of good fictional storytelling.

It is better than novelesque, all-encompassing, procedural approach of The Wire.
It is better than all of David Chase's socio-cultural statements masked with a uneven mobster story in The Sopranos.
It is better than the dysfunctional crazy white folk drama of Six Feet Under (that I loved that fucking show.)

I'll branch out beyond modern pinnacle of the HBO drama and say that this show is better than "The Simpsons," "The Cosby Show," "Roots," "Saved By The Bell," "Voltron," "Mr. Rogers" and any show you have ever loved, combined.

Get Season 1 on Netflix, go rent it at Blockbuster, download it on BitTorrent.
Shit, stand with tinfoil hangers on your neighbor's roof to steal cable.
Do what you need to do, and just watch this show.

Make the investment and start from Season 1.
This is not Friends, you cannot start at episode 104, knowing that Rachel kissed Joey and not miss a step.
Everything builds on everything else.

I have personally made about a dozen people watch at least Season 1 and I have never gotten one complaint. The Shield is my bible.

It's a crime that less people have seen The Shield than have seen "The Apprentice," "24," "Prison Break" or any of the shit that passes for captivating suspenseful TV nowadays.

Do yourself a favor and watch The Shield.
You'll thank yourself and you'll always have something to talk to me about.


  1. First time here and won't be my last...rock on

  2. even better than Twin Peaks? the Jackie Gleason show? Seinfeld? if that's the case I need to go purchase a TV.

  3. Welcome all newcomers.
    Tell a friend to tell a friend.

    Seriously though, it's better than Twin Peaks and Seinfeld despite Larry David and David Lynch being my heroes.
    I would go on a limb and say its better than what Ive seen of the Gleason show.

    All you need is a DVD and a computer.
    Forget a television.

  4. Thanks Mr. for getting me hooked on it. I wanted so much to hate it but it was impossible. I no longer smoke I just watch the Shield instead, my new vice.