Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Shiny new stuff...

The beauty of blogging is that I can post whatever I want.
Even if you don't like it.

Here is what excited me about last weeks CeBit tech convention in Germany.

1. Sony Ericsson M600i

This phone is hot and smart.
It has a full keypad without being humongous.
How does it do that?
It puts two letters on each key. Press on the left side you get one letter, press on the right side and you get the other.
Granted this is a business Crackberry-style phone, so it has no camera and other stuff, but if you have to be a corporate drone why not do it with style?

2. A 10 Megapixel cameraphone.

Why would they?
I have no idea.
But just knowing that this will never enter America makes me want it that much more.
Completely unpractical, but I'd drop a dime on you to get one.

3. A 16 GB USB drive.

This will easily run over a $1,000 and contain more space than anyone will ever need, but damn I want one.

4. I couldn't have a post with all positivity. Granted, this isn't from the convention but it is tech-related and eye-catching, for better or worse.


Dada (they still make clothes?) has unleashed an MP3 playing shoe that plays music through wireless headphones or the ghetto blasters they come included with. They also charge via USB port and get you killed instant in any urban city.

Speakers, in a shoe?
Who will be the first celebrity to rock these?


  1. Normally I wouldnt even think to read this, but this one was fun. Thanks. :D

  2. Ooooh, that Sony Ericsson phone is hot! Me likes!

  3. those shoes are ignorant.

  4. All that Ericsson phone needs is a camera.