Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Fuck a Verizon

It's time for another "Fuck A" post where I swear off another consumer product.

I previously noted my battle with Verizon.

The battle is over. And no, I did not move my house for them.

I finally gained the courage to end my abusive relationship with Verizon DSL.

The free Yahoo! Launchcast Plus kept me longer than I should have, but I finally found the strength to leave.

I signed up for Cablevision Optimum Online service.

If you can get that in your area, go for it.

It's the same $30 a month and you get 15 Mbps speeds compared to the normal 3 Mbps Verizon offers.

I used the very same router Verizon gave me with Cablevision and my connection has yet to slow down to 1995 AOL dial-up speeds, freeze up, disconnect or disappear.


  1. 15mbps? I was considering dropping my cable internet. Is DSL really that slow. My wireless routher with cable is 54mbps.

  2. Way to go man. Now if only more people would follow our leads Verizon would maybe make an effort not to suck.

  3. The wireless router says 54 Mbps, as does mine. But you will never get that much. Ever.

    It's all about what your Internet Service Provider gives off.

    Cablevision's $30 15 mbps may be the best deal. Period.

    I dont think any ISP in America offers 54 mbps...

    I can wish though...