Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tread carefully...

(Can you hear me now?)

I'm trying to be as sensitive as possible on this one.
But if you are a deaf beauty pageant contestant, why oh WHY would you walk on a train track while sending a text message?

Tara McAvoy, a local beauty pageant winner, was killed by a train
as she walked on a train track with her back to the oncoming traffic while text messaging people. It's bad when fully functional people send texts while crossing the street, but damn.

Granted she was from Texas, but still.




    I don't fuck with n*gga technology. what is the point of using a text message/2way pager/sidekick/blackberry when u can just call people?

    i mean i know she couldn't hear, but for the hearing people...i just dont get it. my friend text message me "thank you" when i wished her a happy bday. what for? y couldnt she just call me?


    im going to hell for laughin at that girl though.

    oh well...i'll just pray tonight so i can get my heaven points.

  2. granted she was from texas? fuck you, you inbred first-generation brooklynite.

  3. The n!**a technology shit was one of the rare funny moments in Boondocks.
    People really do send texts messages for some random ass bullshit.

    And if you're deaf you should never be texting while your walking.

    It's just fucking retarded.
    Texas or not.

  4. If you were deaf why on earth would you walk on train tracks? It’s all about survival of the fittest. If she's gonna be that retarded maybe she deserved it. Yes, that's fucked up but who wasnt thinking it?