Friday, March 10, 2006


(My bad, we still cool right?)

  • How do you say sorry for torturing an innocent person?
    I don' t think Hallmark has that card yet, so the U.S. government trying $300,000.

    An Egyptian man that was held in a detention center in Brooklyn (yes they torture people right here in America) for damn near a year; was beaten shackled, beaten, sodomized, cleared and then released.

    The settlement involved no acknowledgement of wrongdoing by the U.S. and sites "special factors" that allow the them to override the lawsuit.

    At least the guy got something.

  • MC Hammer still has a blog. I know I'm late.
    Rejoice in your childhood hero's effort into modernity.

  • I'm posting this because it still bothers me.
    Corporate fraud and cronyism surprises no one, Bush's NASA boy got busted for creative resume writing a few weeks ago and now Crooked White Executive (CWE) #4762109, David Edmonson, the chief executive of RadioShack got caught for claiming he had two college degrees when he had none.

    And corporate executive pay is so out of control that a CWE of a failing company like RadioShack gets over a $1 million in cash as a severance payment.
    Is it too late for me to get my money back from Michigan and apply for an executive position at RadioShack?

  • Speaking of modernity and college failures, why don't students know how to use e-mail.
    A report in the NY Times a few weeks back shows that many college students e-mail their professors about some straight-up stupid shit.
    I understand e-mail is still a relatively new communication medium but damn homey.

    Look at one e-mail a student sent...

    "Should I buy a binder or a subject notebook? Since I'm a freshman, I'm not sure how to shop for school supplies. Would you let me know your recommendations? Thank you!"

    Others involved students coming out of the closet to their professors, cutting class and asking for professor's notes as well as telling professors they weren't coming to class so they could play with their children.

    I know how privileged and special college students like to think but this is just on another level.

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