Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Here we go!

(Babies for all...)

Some things remind you just how fucked up this country is.

I rarely, actually tangibly care about the boatloads of news articles I read (a bad sign of advanced cynicism) but for some reason this shit pisses me off more than normal.

The largest abortion ban in America passed in South Dakota on Monday. And that's only the start of this new wave of legislation.

What is disconcerting is that Republicans and other abortion foes have literally plotted for decades for this one moment.
That insane type of Uma Thurman/Kill Billesque revenge Christians want to evoke on Roe V. Wade is frightening.

Decades of behind the scenes lawyer and judge breeding, conservative legal foundations and millions of dollars all for one personal and shrinking issue. Abortions have generally decreased in America over the past several years.

One gets the feeling, Bush didn't care how many airplanes crashed, nigros drowned, or soldiers blew up, as long as the see-saw of the Supreme Court got tilted a little more in the right direction at the right time. So to speak.

With Alito and Roberts in place, the case eventually comes back to the Supreme Court and Scalia, Thomas and Co. get to decide what happens to your daughter. The joy of it all.

Even if Bush wins and all abortion is made illegal all throughout America, what happens then?

Will abortion vanish like so many other human vices?

Prohibition was a smashing success.
The War on Drugs has totally rocked for the black community.
And I know illegal prostitution has cut out all desire for that service...

What a stellar track record...

The reality is, in many places where abortion has been made illegal, the rates have gone up.

From a NY Times editorial,

  • "For proof that criminalizing abortion doesn't reduce abortion rates and only endangers the lives of women, consider Latin America. In most of the region, abortions are a crime, but the abortion rate is far higher than in Western Europe or the United States. Colombia -- where abortion is illegal even if a woman's life is in danger -- averages more than one abortion per woman over all of her fertile years. In Peru, the average is nearly two abortions per woman over the course of her reproductive years.

    In a region where there is little sex education and social taboos keep unmarried women from seeking contraception, criminalizing abortion has not made it rare, only dangerous. Rich women can go to private doctors. The rest rely on quacks or amateurs or do it themselves. Up to 5,000 women die each year from abortions in Latin America, and hundreds of thousands more are hospitalized.

    Abortion is legal on demand in the region only in Cuba, and a few other countries permit it for extreme circumstances, mostly when the mother's life is at risk, the fetus will not live or the pregnancy is the result of rape. Even when pregnancies do qualify for legal abortions, women are often denied them because anti-abortion local medical officials and priests intervene, the requirements are unnecessarily stringent, or women do not want to incur the public shame of reporting rape."

I really can't understand why people are so obsessed with lives that are not theirs.
Is it the syndrome that makes random women on the train inquire about Britney Spear's second pregnancy with the urgency of a terrorist attack?

But what can you expect from a country that arrested people in their homes for private consensual acts up until three years ago and an administration that enforces a global gag rule, which bans any family planning group that gets American money from speaking about abortions, or even criticizing unsafe illegal abortions.

They can't stop, won't stop until everyone is a Christian, or at least lives like one.

From now on it's abstinence-only ladies.

Cross your fingers and legs and hope for the best.


  1. the persistent erosion of our civil liberties is now gaining momentum, what with the abortion litigation and legislation growing by leaps and bounds, the senate just blocked an attempt to investigate the wiretapping and increase oversight... shall i go on?

  2. the only thing this entry proves is that you would rather demonize those who disagree with you than debate them. very disappointing entry.

  3. Who did I demonize?

    My point was that abortion is amongst the human actions that don't work as illegal.
    Abortion is not a fun event for anyone but it doesn't go away as an illegal action.

  4. HR, what is the significance of you spelling negro as "nigro." I assume it has something to do with n***er, but I'm just curious.

  5. It's just one of the million roots of the 'n' word.
    I like that one.