Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Update: Terrorists still scary, some are white

(Four escaped terrorist detainees or System of a Down pre-concert?)

(You decide.)

Four prisoners recently escaped from a military "detention" center in Bagram, Afghanistan. Military detention is a little stricter than afterschool detention of yore, although the rules for afterschool detention are clearer.

Military officials were at a loss to explain the escape. One military official was quoted as saying,

"It was like Prison Break and Ocean's Eleven, but without out all the good-willed, pretty white people."

Unlike most of the prisoners held at these detention centers, who are usually pulled in for being Muslim at the wrong time, tortured and sent on their way with a "Thanks for fighting terrorism card," it is agreed upon that these four were serious A1 terrorists. And despite all types of shackles, guards and unpleasantness they got away.

Hopefully we tortured them a little before they got away.


(A ride and die chick? Eve, watch yo ass)

In one of the weirder trends I have been following, it seems more people not born of psycho Muslim influence are becoming psycho Muslims.
Check out Muriel Degauque, who has achieved the dubious distinction of being the first female European Muslim suicide bomber.
Her path is tragic and pretty damn interesting. It lends itself very well to a story. In about 5 years there will no shortage of memoirs and bio flicks about people involved in the terror wars.

Although the confluence of tragedy and alienation that fuels the Unibombers and Muriels of the world will never cease, it is worth the effort to identify the warnings signs before you have to identify the body parts.

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