Friday, December 09, 2005

Negrodamus Returns

Following Comedy Central's idea that "The Chappelle Show" doesn't need Dave Chappelle, I have decided to indulge my inner Negrodamus since my wild predictions are so on point.

For example I predicted Harry Potter, crack-cocaine, Hurricane Katrina, white girls with fat asses and Reggaeton.

With my tremendous success rate I am about to drop some techno wisdom.
  • All phone calls will eventually be free.
    It will take time for the financial models to be developed or broken so the telecos can face the reality that Internet calls over Skype and its ilk will only become easier to make and more understood with time and that the idea of a landline is becoming a fossil but it will happen.

  • Cell phones will be the center of entertainment.
    Nokia is blazing the way with their N Series of cell phones with MP3 players, respectable cameras and video recorders and television capabilities (Europe only.) Although the prices are a little up there right now they will get cheaper when more companies get on the ball and mainstream it.

  • TV shows will be broadcast online and on TV sets at the same time.
    More networks are realizing they can reach a larger tech savvy audience with the same ad supported model that they use on regular TV. Comedy Central, NBC, Cartoon Network and most recently CBS realized the wisdom of reaching viewers this way and have offered online versions of their shows.
    With the viewers being online while they watch TV, a relevant ad can be looked up instantly, opposed to the vegatation TV sets encourage. And it helps out those without cable, ahem or NFL Direct TV Satalite package. I need to see them Cowboys games!
P.S. Why do people in modern cities use dial-up? AOL dial-up costs more than DSL.
Unless you

A) Can't add
B) Own AOL stock
C) Enjoy the sound of screech, scooo, ttccch, 0101010, boop, zzzzzhhhshssh

You should have high-speed Internet.


  1. - P.S. Why do people in modern cities use dial-up? AOL dial-up costs more than DSL.

    Most DSL service requires at least a 2 year contract, with a heafty early termination fee in addition to instalation fees and what not. If your're a person who's renting you might move from year to year. All you need with dial up is a phone jack.

    Or most public universities and schools here (Wisconsin) offer free dial-up to students.

    - Omar

  2. Well Verizon had no installation fee.

    They ask for a one year contract with the $15 a month DSL plan and $5 more without a contract.

    If you're a college student who moves often then you can use the free campus Wi-Fi.