Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Eye KaNt ReEd!

(But I'm still happy)

If you've have ever tried to participate amongst the masses or followed election results, you can attest to the fact that most people are just generally stupid.

It's not a well hidden secret.
But how stupid?

This stupid.
And this stupid too.

So out of the 218 million adult Americans (18 years or older) out there, 30 million have below basic English comprehension and 11 million are straight-up "I can't understand the brilliance of illiterate."

And one of them is an American Idol. Although the viewers of that show just want someone like them to win.

This illiteracy cuts across all lines, as it has affected all American on every level of education.
From the article

"Perhaps most sobering was that adult literacy dropped or was flat across every level of education, from people with graduate degrees to those who dropped out of high school."

As further evidence I enter Exhibit A, an authentic letter of supreme illiteracy from an American adult.
All names have been blurred to protect the stupid.

Step it up America.
Or there won't be anyone here worth spying on.