Friday, December 02, 2005

Princ I Pal? I think not.

(I watch your children pee.)

First there is the principal who outed a gay student to her parents and was sued for privacy violation (Start Snitching does not approve of such low quality snitching. We all have a long list of activities in high school that we would prefer not to be reported home.)

And then there is the pervert principal, Howard Fore, who installed cameras in the boys bathroom of Jasper Middle and High School in Georgia in order to "deter vandalism."

When reached for comment, Principal Fore was quoted as saying

"These hot, young, virile, pubescent boys cannot just...mmm, huh, what were we talking about?"

Given the history of school officials, video cameras and children I would not exactly want my number onesies and twosies to be recorded by an unnecessarily happy white man.

Where is the principal from "Lean on Me"?
He was cool.

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