Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It's been a long time...

Well we were experiencing technical difficulties but that's all over now. I had some downtime due my personal battle with Windows XP but I won.
In the mean time I kept myself busy with
  • A Nip/Tuck and Deadwood marathon.

  • Reinstalling Windows and wiping my entire computer clean. After installing all types of garbage on my laptop for two years, and getting some beastly mystery spyware infection, the shit was slow as hell. If you can back-up your files and have your original Windows disc, then go for it. I didn't realize Windows was this fast.

  • The ensuing reinstallation of all my programs.

  • Finishing Harry Potter V. That book was dark as all hell.

  • Finishing the V for Vendetta graphic novel. The upcoming movie that will draw lots of heat, since the source material takes a pro-terrorist stance in response to a fictional fascist government.

  • A Madden 2005 binge. The Cowboys need my support to get into the playoffs, so I'm reliving their season in all its PS2 fourth quarter glory as encouragement.

  • Reading up on some After their Snitching editorial, I got a link that sent some folks my way. If you came to this site recently and thought that it has been kind of dead, well you're right. But the neglect has ran its course.
    I will be updating at least once a day from now on.
    So if you're feeling what's going on, dig around the archives and come back for some quality snitching.
    I should be dropping some Top 10 lists soon.

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