Friday, December 02, 2005

Great. We're outsourcing American deaths too.

(Hello! This is India, I mean Dell. How can I help you?)

So America has just executed its 1,000 prisoner (Texas has a third of these executions. God damn Texas!) since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976.
That's almost 30 years and only 1,000 people.
That's 33 people a year.
Which is less than 3 people a month.
Which is nothing.

And 125 more soldiers have died since the 2,000 casualty mark in late October. At this rate, the 3,000th death in Iraq will occur 10 months after the 2,000th.

Opposed to the 14 months for the 2,000th and 18 months for the 1,000th death.
See a trend?

We have been at war since 3/19/03 and as of 12/2/05 about 985 days have passed.
That means a little over 64 soldiers die per month.
That is something.

Are we going to let foreigners kill more Americans than we do?
Hell no!
This is America, we are louder, faster, stronger and all that.

I say we ramp up the executions to take the spotlight off of the quicksand that is Iraq.
And if that doesn't work we can send death row inmates to fight in Iraq. That is what I call a win-win situation.

Any if they live, their sentence is commuted, but then they are re-enlisted for a second and third tour of duty like we do anyway.

I have ideas, people.
Start Snitching for President.

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