Monday, February 11, 2008

Obama Gets in that Ass (Obama for God!)

In one weekend he beats Hillary in

The Virgin Islands



and fucking Nebraska.

I mean damn.

And if that wasn't enough he wins Maine on Sunday. Yes, Maine. The state that is so racist against blacks it got a special NY Times writeup.

If he can take D.C., Maryland and Virginia this Tuesday and win 7 states in a row, I'm going to Disneyland.

I try not to become rabid in my Clinton hatred, (look at how the McCain hatred is eating away the Republicans) but she proves herself to be more robotic and less electable by the day.

I had an exchange with my boy over at Straight Bangin' and I realized that I've worked for several women in my lifetime and it reconfirms that my dislike of Hillary's candidacy has nothing to do with her gender.

But story after story of shady Clinton connections in the past and present (Why is Bill Clinton brokering uranium deals with dictators that Hillary criticizes in the Senate?) helps me realize that I was too young to understand why Republicans thought Bill disgraced the White House.

And don't get me started on the pandering ass comments Clinton is making at black churches,

  • "All my life I have wanted to vote for a woman for president," Clinton told 800 parishioners at the Temple of Praise congregation in Washington. "All my life I have wanted to vote for an African-American for president. ... I wonder why God gave us this dilemma."

I bet after a mention of a dilemma from Jesus, at least 30 old black ladies from that Sunday service came running back to Bill.

But Why won't the Clintons list their income tax returns?

Frank Rich
and the Wall Street Journal realize that the Clintons will not lose graciously.

David Brooks shows exactly how petty of a person Hillary is.

I'm not saying Hillary is Bush, but on a certain scale she has emulated many of the things Americans have come to hate in Bush.

  • Pettiness and grudges

  • Staged Media Events

  • Racial Campaigning (McCain's black baby in South Carolina)

  • Shady back rooms deal

  • Lack of transparency

  • Refusals to engage world leaders of countries we dislike

A friend pointed me to this "Something Awful" pseudo endorsement of Clinton which perfectly captures why her contrived nature and "vetted background" are a joke.

I never though a black man would be the best bet to stop John MadMan McCain from reaching the White House, but the Clinton's resume is so filthy that Republicans are actually cheering for her because they know how fun the the last 20 years of Clinton mud would be to dig.

I appreciate Obama's message of "we" versus Hillary's "I" but if he wins, I hope he doesn't take this reconciliation too far. Republicans are welcome to join in the post-Bush cleanup, but let's be honest, conservatism has failed as a political movement.

The G.O.P. part in 2009 and beyond needs to be minimal.

Social conservatism has failed. Abstinence-only education has teens getting more STD's and getting pregnant younger. Gay marriage and Terri Shiavo are not my business and many Americans feel the same.

Economic conservatism has failed. Check the national debt, trade deficit, the ballooning national budget, unemployment rate, strength of the dollar, the housing industry, the Dow Jones...................

Foreign policy conservatism has failed. Check out this thing called the fucking world. Democracy is not a banana. The shit can't be exported.

Where has conservatism succeeding but as a fucking theory that sounds good in a book?

Self-reliance and low government spending/involvement are great principles except when the party in charge of them runs up the national credit card and has AT&T filtering your Internet traffic while the President flies to your state in order to keep your brain dead wife plugged to a life support machine.

When I was young I thought communism was such a great idea until I started studying history and realized what a fucking disaster it was in implementation.

The Clinton ideal of centrism, in many ways, paved the road for the neo-cons to slip into power.

Please end the dynastic hot potato of Clinton/Bush. Soap operas are for the afternoon.


  1. My major hope is that dems are scared of that dirt getting dug up. "Super" delegates can sway this thing. Hillary is either good to keep things moving for politicians or bad cause she's more vulnerable to attack.

  2. don't forget that Obama won a grammy too.