Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For All My West Indians

Who secretly wish they could have gone to Trinidad Carnival instead of dealing with the tail-end of this bitch ass winter.

Be glad you stayed home. Dudes are getting stabbed while trying to catch a dance...

  • A woman turned in anger and stabbed a man she did not know for allegedly wining on her as bands paraded at the height of Carnival Monday festivities.

    Last night, a man, Juma Modeste, 28, was listed in critical but stable condition at the San Fernando General Hospital.

    Modeste, of Union Road, Marabella, was knifed four times in the chest and back by a woman described by police as a 21-year-old of Bayshore, Marabella.

    She has been arrested and faces a charge of attempted murder.

    The attack happened at around 10 a.m. Monday at Mucarapo Street, near a Carnival band judging point.

I'm sure the females reading this might be cheering on the stabber, but damn.
I went to Trinidad Carnival in 2004 and I sure as hell didn't get stabbed when I danced with strangers. I mean wow. What else can you say?

This shit makes Netflix and girlfriend look pretty good.


  1. cosign on nights in with netflix and the ol' lady. Aint been stabbed yet (mighty close!)

  2. That's scary, I went to the D.C. carnival once and I thought it was one of the most open things ever, especially after people got mud on them. I didn't really have to try and dance with sisters it was like what I club should be. We here to dance so let's go. Dudes getting shanked makes me nervous. I can imagine he did a little more than dance, but shorty was packing and had it ready.

  3. Isn't dancing with strangers of the opposite sex like the whole entire purpose of carnival? Wow.

    Forget netflix and the lady, sitting in an empty apartment with no tv or internet is better than getting stabbed multiple times by an exotic woman at an international dance festival.

  4. She must not a been Trini cuz thats the point of carnival. It's a free up free kinda thing, if you don't want no whine you move your ass over.