Friday, February 29, 2008

Parental Fail

From Engadget

This is just pure evil.
Next time you hear a story about a kid pushing his parents down the stairs, think of this kid.


  1. A shame.they had the nerve to tape the entire thing.

    I can't get over his blond hair and blue eyes.

  2. Oh my god.
    That was the complete opposite of the Nintendo 64 kid.

  3. W

    They should be beaten with a bag of nickels. It's one thing to make a kid think they're not getting something and hit them with the dope gift...the other way around is sick.

  4. If you looked at the actual video on You tube the story is behind the video, the kid snuck and looked at his presents early and so his parents played a joke on him, he really did get the Xbox 360 so stop bitchin.

  5. /\ still a very poor show. I've sneaked a look at my presents in the mother (as fond as she is of playing tricks on me)still never felt the need to bring me to tears in a joke.

  6. Damn that is wrong. that's like receiving an email with a photo of a really hot girl and you talk to her on the phone and she sounds madd sexy, and Roseanne shows up on your first date.