Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This Is Why God Invented Blogs

OhWord's classic deconstruction of Illmatic is more thorough than most graduate theses.

Reading that post confirmed what is becoming less debatable by the day.

Illmatic is truly the GOAT.

It's sad how Nas sounds more mature as a teenager in 1994 than he does in 2008 as he whores himself for attention with his "Nigger" album.



  1. While I love Illmatic as much as the next guy, I dont think its the GOAT.

    But more importantly, I dont see how that post on Oh Word (which I enjoyed, btw) could confirm that.

    Illmatic is a dope, paradigm-shifting moment in the game, but as far as albums that fit that mold (classic), I think there are a handful of others to be considered and at least 2 that I think are better albums.

    I think Efil4zaggin is better, and there is an argument to be made about The Chronic, Enter the 36 Chambers, Only built for Cuban Links.

    without going into my own thesis on the subject, I'll also say I think Reasonable doubt is better, it has held up better over time, imo, but Nas' album was more influential than reasonable doubt so I it probably deserves to be above Illmatic. It took alot of people a while to catch on to Jay, he had to dumb it down a little.

  2. I'm sorry in my last paragraph I was trying to say that although i think Reasonable Doubt was a better album that has held up better over time, I think Illmatic's influence was stronger and probably justifies it being above Reasonable Doubt.