Sunday, February 24, 2008

Here Comes the Shark Jump!

In the last few weeks I have noticed that people are more sympathetic to Hillary and at certain points she looked so beaten down I got a little sympathetic for her but the above video kinds of wipes all that out. She really is the vindictive self-obsessed opportunistic politician she has been made out to be.

One minute she's crying at every campaign stop, then she has Bill Clinton tearing into Obama and now she's mocking the idea of being hopeful when she's not calling the states Obama won useless. The common argument is that we don't know who Obama is and what he's done, but who is Hillary and what has she done?

She's still shifting her message, tone and style and her Senate record is not more impressive than Obama's.

Hopefully her sad lashing out marks the end of her campaign. It's too embarrassing.


  1. that link about her senate record not being as impressive as obama's should be a must read for anybody. EXCELLNT article on what obama has been trying to do since becomming a senator versus the nonsense legislation hillary puts out there (she is an advocate for april 30th being national healthy school's day!!!)

  2. That was an excellent article. I wish ppl would read more and quit accepting whatever they're told.