Sunday, February 10, 2008

HBO's In Treatment: Best New Show of the Year

And HBO lets you watch the first weeks for free online.

When I first I heard about this show I thought HBO had jumped the shark. HBO has long been obsessed with the realm of endless psychological analysis, (Sopranos and Tell Me You Love Me) but to make a show set entirely in a psychologists office with talking heads whining about their problems seemed like too much.

What happened to the kickass HBO of Deadwood, Sopranos and Band of Brothers?

However In Treatment overcomes the stuffy air of the psychologists office by creating a fascinating therapist and an equally set of interesting characters to match.

Each night, from Monday through Thursday you see a different patient in therapy and on Friday the therapist goes to his own shrink, which is particularly fascinating as his own marriage falls apart because he begins doubting his ability to actually help his clients.

Watching each character's personality challenge a different aspect of the therapist as he tries to peel away the neuroses as slowly as possible is memorizing. It will be interesting to see where these lives go.

With the writer's strike fucking up TV for most of 2008, you're probably not going to get TV much better than this all year.

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  1. hey brother you need a bit more of a class analysis, the writr's strike isn't fucking up tv, the corporate bosses' greediness is fucking up tv.

    Workers= good
    bosses= bad

    strike= the only real means workers have of forcing the bosses hand. a necessary evil, if you will.

    I'm gonna check this show out, btw. The wire's got me hooked, even with them going a little too far with Omar's superhuman abilities.