Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Black People Lose, Part 2

(Please arrest me.)

Every so often the cosmic stars align and a torrent of Negro Nonsense just makes me pause and shake my damn head.

It's time for Part 2 of Black People Lose.

Who is the top coon in today's Negro flood?

1. Sixty-year old OJ Simpson committing armed robbery? I mean come on...

2. Isiah Thomas stating that it's OK for a black man to call a woman a bitch but not for a white man while he's on trial for calling a black woman at bitch?

3. Or this dumb bitch Sherri Shepherd from "The View" (Isiah said I could say it) stating she doesn't know if the world is flat?

Can you believe there is a show where this is a real conversation and this fool gets paid to say this shit?

When the Indians and Chinese take over the world, I hope they are nice to us while we continue to debate evolution and the shape of the earth...

And it ain't just the Negroes fucking up. Don't get it twisted.


  1. And Isiah Thomas runs the ....... drum roll please ...... New York Knicks

    Dont know if the Earth is flat or not? See what happens when you become a slave to religion and not grasp science and logic.

    Watch out Law of Gravity you're next after Roe v Wade.

  2. the human resource rules everything around me, keep PREACHING!

  3. go14, are you fucking retarded? I'll roll with "yes". Because anybody who even jokingly indicates that a judicial decision backed by what is largely viewed as one of SCOTUS's worst ever is comparable to a scientific law can claim neither science nor logic as a forte.

    I hate to state the obvious, but religion wasn't that woman's point. The point is that there are millions of (mostly Black) people in America who don't give a shit about whether or not the world is flat because they've got bills to pay and little to no money to pay them with.

    Whoopi's whitewashed ass seems to have forgotten.

  4. Apparently, Im not retarded enough to use a name instead of posting anonymously.

    My parents busted their ass like everyone else and they weren't ignorant.

    Evolution and the Earth not being flat matters because if you continue not to care and not teach kids real science then we will not compete in ever growing global economy and continue to be ignorant as shit instead of doing better for ourselves.

    That woman on the view isnt hurting. Please, she was talking like she was living check to check. She has been on numerous TV shows and should be doing just fine.

    Everyone has to make ends meet and things get tough for a lot of black people but thousands of people made time to go down to Jena.

    Oh, but I guess social activism is as pointless as science and reason.

    If someone didnt think that the Earth not being flat mattered science wouldnt have progressed and where would be now.

    We may not have a computer so you can write stupid shit and defend another dumbass who somehow found herself on TV.

  5. ^Dude...your post made no logical sense, and you clearly do not grasp the nuances of language or the concept of advocacy.

    You're sitting here bitching about real science and its importance, but have the nerve to compare a major scientific theory to a flimsily held right backed by one of the worst judicial opinions ever.

    Do you even know what evolution is?

    Have you ever read Roe v. Wade???

    Have you even HEARD of Doe v. Bolton??????


    But, keep eating up whatever is put in front of you, as robots do: a point the woman makes later in that show, when she hints at the importance of researching information for oneself.

    And WTF does Jena have to do with anything? I was in Louisiana that weekend. Where the FUCK were you? Stop trying to throw random shit into your incoherent argument to garner some credence to it.

    Shit is pathetic and insulting.

  6. It's pretty clear that Go14 is talking about the Republican agenda.

    Republicans want to have evolution banned or taught as equal to creationism and they want to ban abortion.

    He isn't equating a law to science.