Tuesday, September 11, 2007

May the Lesser Evil Win: Kanye/50 Showdown

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Kanye may be a petulant little bitch, but I'm stilling riding with him to outsell Fiddy Sent on this 9/11 release week.

Based on the iTunes sales Kanye is #2, right behind the daughter of Fleetwood Mac's producer.
Curtis is at #9.

Peep Pitchfork's ethering of 50 Cent,

  • In this week's Rolling Stone feature on 50 Cent, the rapper claims, "I'm King Kong. Kanye is human. Humans run when they see King Kong, because they're scared." He's right. Hulking, inelegant, and hopelessly primitive, 50 Cent is hip-hop's doomed beast. On Curtis, he sets out to re-energize his base by reminding us of his strengths: He fucks and kills with ease, he needs five deposit envelopes every time he hits up an ATM, and he's a hit with the ladies. But, as Greene makes clear, there's no depth or dynamic to that kind of perfection-- it's like watching a big dildo machine make big dildos all day. While 50 never made a habit of flaunting his faults like Kanye (or Em or Big or 2Pac…), he could usually back up his tales with indelible beats, swaggering hooks, and a flow that slithered like original sin. But those once-bountiful gifts are all heavily downgraded-- or altogether absent-- on Curtis.

Granted digital sales cater to a different demographic, but this is still a good indicator that Kanye will end 50 Cent's career.

My prediction is

Kanye (Graduation) - 550K - 600K

50 Cent (Curtis) - 400K - 450K

Mark my words. If I'm wrong I'll just edit my guess.


  1. i think curtis' gonna pull through


  2. Booo Curtis...funny thing is I've never heard of the chick at number one.

  3. I could care less who sells the most cds I have no intention of buying either. Kanye is a crying little beeatch and "fiddy" is well in lack of a better word... a fake. But on the other hand from what I have heard on the radio, Kanye's cd is banging. But as for "fiddy', How many cds can he make about getting shot 9 times, and his "magic stick"? Please Curtis, GROW the HELL up!!!! And that advice can go to "I should have won" Kanye also.

  4. It's a wrap. Kanye ended 50's career.

    And Soulja Boy just killed hip-hop with his single. Jesus Christ, Crank That hurts my soul.