Sunday, September 30, 2007

Can't Stop Won't Stop: The Rise of Tony Romo

How many quarterbacks could pull that shit off?!
And that's not the first time he's done that either.

I was kind of bummed that Vick had screwed himself out of an NFL season but then I realized that Romo is the white Michael Vick without the animal murdering and with the passing accuracy.

Before the 2007 season kicked off I predicted a 10-6 record for the Cowboys. Then I saw them play.

I still have questions about their secondary and the fact that they tend to sleep through the entire first half of every game but their offense is a god body machine.

I knew Bill Parcells had turned into the Lloyd Carr of the NFL (underutilized offense, playing to not lose, annoying post-game persona and obstinance in the face of change) and was holding the Cowboys back but damn Parcells.

I'm going to up my predication to 13-3.

Jerry Jones, give Tony Romo his goddamn money.


  1. That Romo play was sick. Or it could have been the fact that the Rams defense would finish 6th in the Big 12.

    Lastly, you cant fucking murder an animal.

  2. Yeah, looked up the word "murder" in the dictionary, and it is meant to be applied to humans. You can maliciously kill an animal though, which is what Vick was involved in. Killing an animal for food purposes is one thing, but deliberately torturing for the sake of sport and amusement is a whole other story.

  3. C'mon go14, it's just a bit of hyberbole because I'm pissed off that Vick fucked up my football watching experience.

    Let's focus on Tony Romo's greatness.

  4. Me: Well, if you can't murder animals, can you mutilate them?

    You: Yes.

    Me: That's fucked up. I can't even shoot a bird with a bb gun, and Mr Semantics over here mutilates the poor bastards at the drop of a hat! Somebody call his parents and tell them they've raised themselves a future Romocidal maniac.

  5. If they don't play against the Steelers, Patriots, Colts and another good team 13-3 is likely.

  6. Tom Brady is Bush and Belichick is Cheney.