Sunday, September 23, 2007

Snitch of the Week: 9/9 - 9/15 (Eric Mangini)

(He did it! Over there!)

I'm torn about Eric Mangini's snitch move against Belichick.

On one hand Belichick is a cheater and the kind of scumbag coach that forces players on the field with concussions. I'm glad to see his ass on the fire.

On the other hand, Mangini was mentored and setup in the NFL with Bellichik, so he knows all of his tricks and probably uses them himself. So it comes off as a sore loser bitch move to drop the dime on Belichick after the Jets got raped by the Patriots. And now he's lost a good deal of respect in the NFL.

If Mangini ever goes to New England, he better bring his boy Tony Soprano with him if he wants to make it back to NY alive.

Mangini, for better of worse, you are the Snitch of the Week.


  1. Yo that's bull mo...when Mangina interviewed with the Jet's he came back to NE's complex to find the security codes changed on him. Then Belichick only spoke to him because everyone was making a big deal out of it. How do we go from that to he's not grateful? That's the NFL though, they want everyone on their knees.

  2. I'll side with Mangini over Belichick any day.