Monday, September 03, 2007

Thank You Appalachian Mountaineers

I am still retching from the shame of my alma mater, the University of Michigan, losing to a school that admitted Miss Teen North Carolina to their freshman class. You all know who I am talking about.

This retard,

How many dudes are waiting for that to show up campus?

I don't blog about sports but Lloyd Carr needs to go. He's a coach from the era of leather helmets and black and white photographs.

He is confused everytime he sees a black quarterback tuck the ball and run. I'm pretty sure he thinks that's against the rules. It's we had to get shamed like this, but hopefully this gets Carr the fuck out of Ann Arbor.

When I can stand up or look any other Division IA alumnus in the face again I will resume the blogging.

At least I have the Cowboys fucking up the Giants on Sunday night to look forward.


  1. Oh, what's the big deal about that chick any way?

    She only set blondes back another 3 months. Classic case of "Shut up & look pretty."

  2. Ha Ha You went to that school up north with the pee-stain helmets?

    Thank God for Lloyd Carr.

    GO OSU!!

    Get ready for yet another Jim Tressel ass whoopin' this year.

  3. Hope them cats become the best team that can't go to the rose bowl this year...that will lessen the pain. She is a retard.

  4. Ohio is still the worst state in America. Tied with Texas maybe.

    But OSU is our daddy. I can't even lie.