Thursday, September 27, 2007

The GOP End of Days

(I've been waiting so long to use that image)

When it rains it pours for the GOP...

Not to be outdone by fellow white supremacist Bill O'Reilly's shitstorm, Rush Limbaugh went and stirred up his own.

The drug addict/chicken-hawk called U.S. troops who support withdrawal "phony soldiers."

His comments come right after the NY Times and caught huge backlash over an ad that called General Petrayus, "General Betray Us."

In the spirit of bullshit diversions, our increasingly useless Congress rushed to pass bills condemning the ads. Because you know, mean ads hurt people's feelings.

The real war in Iraq only kills Iraqis and U.S. soldiers...

Let's see if Congress votes to condemn Rush Limbaugh's comments.

In other GOP news:

  • Bill O'Reilly says his words are being taken out of context. What context?

  • Major Republican presidential candidates say fuck you niggers and spics at yet another minority debate. Do Republicans realize that Hispanics and Blacks are the fastest growing populations in this country?

  • Bush needs phonetic cards for his speeches.

    • "The White House was left scrambling to explain after a marked-up draft of Bush's speech popped up briefly on the U.N. Web site as he delivered his remarks, giving a rare glimpse of the special guidance he gets for major addresses.

      It included phonetic spellings for French President Nicolas Sarkozy (sar-KO-zee), a friend, and Zimbabwe leader Robert Mugabe (moo-GAH-bee), a target of U.S. human rights criticism.

      Pronunciations were also provided for Kyrgyzstan (KEYR-geez-stan), Mauritania (moor-EH-tain-ee-a) and the Zimbabwe capital Harare (hah-RAR-ray).

  • Bush can't stop, won't stop, being a fucking retard.

    • As a candidate, George W. Bush once asked, "Is our children learning?"

      Now he has an answer.

      "Childrens do learn," he said Wednesday. As in 9/26/2007.

      The setting was, yes, an education event where the president was taking credit for rising test scores and promoting congressional renewal of his signature education law. To create the right image, the White House summoned the city's chancellor of schools, a principal, some teachers and about 20 eager students from P.S. 76.

  • Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani has been criticised over a fundraising party at which participants are being urged to donate $9.11.

    He claims he didn't organize it, but what does he expect the way he's been pimping 9/11.

Yet Republicans are still neck to neck with most Democrats in the polls. Time to dust off the passport...

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