Friday, May 11, 2007

Fun With Free Speech: Part 67896

The new Don Imus' are Opie and Anthony on XM Satellite Radio, who are catching a bunch of shit for discussing the rape of Condi Rice and some other corny ass white shock jock nonsense.

Peep it,

Let's see how rap gets blamed for this one...

I'm no fan of Condi, in fact I kind of hate her, a lot, but much like the Imus/Rutgers debacle the issue for me is that this shit is corny. Who the fuck finds this funny? Or anything that Opie and Anthony does?

Is this a fire-worthy offense?



  1. Floyd Landis listens to Cam'ron...

  2. That is some cold blooded shit. Holdin a woman down having sex with her and beatin her upside her head is in no way funny. They should be some heavy heat comin on they ass, that is not cool. Somebody should rape them and bust em all up and down the street west indian style then they will learn.

  3. I'm past through with this is SO not even funny! I cannot believe there is an audience for this kind of bs.