Thursday, May 31, 2007

Start Snitching Lives

Sorry I had to ghost like that with no warning. I didn't mean to leave y'all hanging but life comes at you like that sometimes.

I should be picking up the pace shortly.
Did any rappers die while I was gone?
Fill me in on what happened on the Intertubes.

I heard the White Christian male power structure is under attack, so tread carefully y'all.


  1. You'd think slaughter the people of this land would allow them to relax for at least a few centuries...but these cats have felt under attack constantly.


    (fighting back tears)

    I'm just happy you're okay.

  3. I'm glad that the days of them explicitly admitting their desire to preserve the white power structure are coming back.

    It makes it that much easier to refute their bullshit colorblindness rhetoric.

  4. These same people who rant and rave against these "foreign nationals" are, for the most part, the same people who can't live without them. Who keeps their lawns looking so neat? Who takes care of their children? Who washes their clothes and cleans their houses? Who picks the fruit and vegetables that they eat? Who does it cheaper than anyone else?

    These people won't hire an American, white, black, or purple, because they demand things like decent wages. Threaten or harass a worker, and there's a lawsuit coming. Darn civil rights!

    O'Reilly and his pals need to shut up and wash their own drawers if they're so worried about losing power.

  5. I love how white Repubs think they are powerless but I love it even more when they say it out loud.

    It really does make potential debates that much easier to win.