Monday, October 10, 2005

Google, my favorite multinational publicly traded corporation.

This is just the Reader's Digest version on my thoughts of Google. I have lots to say about the capital G and I am sure something big will happen before 2006 that will make me expound upon them further.

But today Google's merging of their Local and Maps feature got my hair braided.
I'm sure that's what Eric Schmidt had in mind.

Google Maps, which changed the web in my view; recently combined with their local business search to form Voltron. The new page interface grows on you quickly and like all Google services it just makes life easier.

As I sat getting my hair braided and watching an African soap opera called Magic Moments 3, I wondered if these Ghanaian women knew what brought me in their store and how the ole world wide interweb brought us all together.

But I also wondered if they knew how sweet (Napolean Dynamite redeemed that word) Voltron was and how much better it was than their soap opera?

Anyway, my point here is that Google is still on a roll, helping people and making money at the same time, but now that I think about it, Google should buy Voltron and use it as their logo.
That dude will search the shit out of anything.

Could Microsoft compare?


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